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» Neck and back pain
» Sports injuries
» Ligament sprains
» Fractures or dislocations
» Muscle and tendon strains
» Tendonitis
» Headaches
» Whiplash
» Pre-surgery strengthening
» Post surgical rehabiliation
» Repetitive strain injuries
» Workplace injuries
» Pre and post preganacy pain
» Incontinence, urgency or prolapse
» Pelvic pain / dysfunction

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to start Physiotherapy?

No, you do not need a referral to start physiotherapy.  Registered physiotherapists are Primary Health Care Professionals and therefore do not need a referral in order to be assessed.  However, it would be prudent to check with your extended health carrier in order to see what their particular guidelines are. 

If you have any questions regarding your funding options, please do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable front office staff.


I have a referral from my doctor for physiotherapy. I’ve never been to physiotherapy so how does it work?

It is important that you bring this referral with you on your first visit to your physiotherapist so that the communication between your doctor and physiotherapist is clear. It is also advisable for you to find out what your specific health coverage is for physiotherapy before making your first appointment. If you need help getting this information, you can call your insurance company or simply call us and we will direct you to the right source.


Is there parking available?

There is ample free parking available at all times. 


Do you do Acupuncture?

Yes, we do use acupuncture as one of our tools to help reduce pain, improve range of motion and alleviate swelling. 


How long is each treatment session?

On average, each treatment is between forty minutes and one hour. Your physiotherapist will be able to let you know more precisely once they have assessed you.


Are Physiotherapy Services at The Physiotherapy Professionals covered under OHIP?

No, The Physiotherapy Professionals is a fee for service facility.  This means that most clients would be utilizing their extended health coverage plans to pay for treatments.  Generally speaking, any new clinic that opens in Ontario is not permitted to bill under OHIP.  There are only a handful of clinics who have been grand-fathered, and have the ability to bill OHIP. 
For a complete listing of Designated OHIP Physiotherapy Clinics and eligibility criteria, please contact the Ontario Physiotherapy Association at (416) 322-6866.


Do you accept claims related to work site injuries (WSIB)?

Yes, we are registered with the WSIB and treat a variety of work related injuries.  Please ensure that you have a claim number and that all appropriate forms are filled out by you and your employer.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


How many visits do I need before I get better?

The amount of time and the number of sessions needed is customized.  This varies depending on your condition and its severity. You may only need three to nine visits in many cases. However, your condition may be a little more complicated and you may end up needing several weeks (two to three visits per week) before getting better. Generally, the less time you have had your symptoms, the quicker the recovery time.


Do you treat backs?

Yes we do. In fact, our physiotherapists have advanced training in all musculoskeletal areas.  We have a keen interest in neck and back injuries, shoulder and knee injuries ; whether sport related or not, sports injuries and pelvic floor rehabilitation.  The therapists working at The Physiotherapy Professionals are the top of the their field and have been specially trained to work on every area of the body.  Our goal is to help you re-gain your optimal quality of life and return to your normal daily activities as soon as possible.


My doctor gave me a referral for another physiotherapy clinic but I would rather come to your clinic. Is this possible?

Yes. It does not matter which physiotherapy clinic you go to, as long as the physiotherapists who work there are Registered Physiotherapists, meaning that they are regulated by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. 


I was recently in a car accident. What do I have to do to start physiotherapy treatment?

If you have been in a recent accident, you can start physiotherapy immediately. Legally, if you have valid car insurance, you are entitled to 15 physiotherapy treatments without an insurance representative’s authorization. Once the appropriate paper work is completed, if needed, then more treatment visits can often be allowed.
It is often advisable to see your family physician who may provide investigative medical tests and prescribe any medication to help with any inflammation and/or pain. He/she will then likely instruct you to start physiotherapy treatment.


I have a sports related injury. Do you treat these?

Yes. We have registered physiotherapists and certified athletic therapists who have specific training and in depth knowledge in assessing and treating various sports injuries.  Whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, we will get you back to your sports activities as soon as possible.

Through the use of acupuncture, massage therapy, and various physiotherapy methods such as taping, ultrasound, your healing time will be significantly reduced improved.   This will enable you to start sport-specific stretching, strengthening and conditioning exercises as soon as possible.

Not only do we help you recover quickly, but we ensure that you condition yourself to avoid the same injury in the future.  We will optimize your sports performance through specific drills and exercises in order for you to surpass your previous level.  Whether it is golf, soccer, hockey or any other sport, we will help you return to the game quicker and better conditioned. 


I recently had orthopaedic surgery. Can I come to your clinic for physiotherapy?

Yes. We treat a variety of post-operative conditions, from total hip replacements, to total knee replacements, to back surgery. We have specialized knowledge in post-operative care and communicate closely with your surgeon if special instructions are needed. The goal is to promote healing and get you moving as soon as possible. Over our many years that we have collectively worked,  we have developed a great relationship with many surgeons in the Richmondhill, Vaughan, Brampton and Greater Toronto Area. Please call us to make an appointment today.


Do I need to bring anything?

On your first visit, please bring your referral if you have one as well as any important insurance information. If you are coming for an assessment of your hip or knee, please bring a comfortable pair of shorts that you can change into before the assessment.  If you are coming for an assessment for your shoulder, please bring a tang top that you are comfortable in.  In case you forget, there will be clean gowns and shorts available at the clinic for you to use.


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